The Impossible and the Miracle

There is an enemy who afflicts us by always tempting us to doubt God’s provision, and the secret to standing strong against these temptations is to know the Word of God and be secure in what it says. The Word of God is our daily bread and it gives us life. (Matthew 4:1-4)

It is vital for us to know and hear God’s Word and what He promises over our lives, for this increases our faith ( Romans 10:17)  — even to the extent of believing the impossible. Why? Because God is the God of the impossible.

In the Bible, we find so many stories of “impossible situations” turning into amazing miracles of provision, healing, deliverance, and even resurrection, proof that God delights in performing wonders for those who believe in Him.

And the perfect set-up for a miracle? THE IMPOSSIBLE.


Need is Great, Supply is Small 

In John 6:32-40, we find a great example of the perfect situation for a miracle. In this story, there is a GREAT NEED but the SUPPLY is LIMITED. More than 5,000 tired and hungry people needed to be fed, and the people only had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish!

The disciples were quick to think logically. “How in the world are we going to feed this massive crowd with such little supply?” But for Jesus, this was the right circumstance for Him to perform a miracle.

Jesus is always looking for the “impossible” before He performs the miracle. The problem is, we like miracles, but we don’t like the impossible situations. We don’t like being uncomfortable in such situations where we feel helpless and powerless. And because we like solving things and being in control, we tend to confine God to our own logistical restrictions — that He will solve our problems on our own terms. But God doesn’t work that way. His ways and thoughts are always greater than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9)  He always sees the bigger picture, and we don’t.

God allows the impossible situations to happen so that we will realize our need for Him. Just like the disciples in John 6, we see the huge crowd and realize we can’t feed them. And this is where God comes in.


The Question That Changed Everything

When faced with the impossible and our own logistical restrictions tend to restrict our faith, God comes in and reminds us of who He is, just like how he reminded Andrew and Phillip in this story when He asked them the question: ““Where can we buy bread to feed all these people?” (John 6:5)

Jesus did not ask this question because He didn’t know where, but because He was testing Phillip’s faith. He was reminding Phillip to remember that He is the Source of all things. It was almost like saying: “Look! I am here! I am with you. And when you have Me, you don’t have to worry about what you will eat nor where you will get it because I will surely provide for it. If you have Me, you have everything you need.” And we know what happens next. God multiplied the bread and the fish and everyone was filled. No one went home hungry and they even had left-overs. The impossible became the miracle!

Like the disciples, we may be faced with an impossible situation today. And as we meditate on this amazing and powerful story, may we be reminded that God is our all sufficiency. He is ENOUGH to meet all of our needs. Jesus can satisfy the deepest hunger of our souls and His provisions are always more than enough.  (Exodus 16:1-21, John 6:32-40)

So come to the table of the Lord and enjoy His abundant provisions! (1 Corinthians 11:17-26).

Always look to the Source and remember that what we have is enough because Jesus is enough!

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