Thursday Reflections – Milwaukee Mission Trip 2019

Hi Church! This is Sam (adult leader) along with Regina (freshman), Brianna (junior) and Christian Smith (junior). We’re here to tell you about our day today – Thursday, July 25th.

This year we are spending the week serving in Milwaukee. Next Step Ministries organizes the mission trip (, setting up our work projects, housing, food, and worship experiences.

How have you seen God work?

(Sam) I have seen God through the comradery in our team. Our group is made up of people from very different backgrounds. Since the very first day on site we have been getting along nicely, from rocking out to the radio to playing games while working.

(Regina) I saw God today through the friendships made in our group. I also saw God through all of the work we completed today. Everyone in our group seemed very comfortable with each other and I think God helped us with that as well.

(Brianna) I have seen God in many different ways this week. I saw God in my Next Step leader, Mike, the girls on this trip, Regina, Ashley, Liberty, and Alissa, and lastly I have seen God in my friend Noah. Mike is just filled with God. Mike is compassionate, caring, supportive, helpful, funny, and always willing to answer any questions that someone has, construction, God, or anything else.

(Christian) I have seen God in many things this week. First off, I saw him in the work our team has done. We were able to get so much work done as a team, in so little time. That alone is a work of God. I have also seen God work through a leader named Cody. He would show up at our work site, and bring us things we needed, or new materials to work on our project. I also saw God in putting our location of work in an area that was close to a source of water and a bathroom. These are just a few of the ways I saw God this week.

What has been the hardest thing about this mission trip?

(Sam) The hardest part about the mission trip so far has been the getting enough sleep to make it through the day. Sleeping in a room with 30+ other guys, some of whom are middle schoolers has its challenges. But through the grace of God and a little coffee I have been able to push through.

(Regina) The hardest thing for me has been the construction because I don’t have any experience. It’s also been hard to participate in certain things because I don’t always feel 100% comfortable.

(Brianna) The hardest part of the mission trip for me has been that I didn’t want to come. The thing is, it hasn’t been all that bad. I have enjoyed many things, but I wanted to be at home and relax. I wanted to work at my summer intern job and I didn’t know if my faith was “good enough” for the trip this year. The thing is I realized I don’t have to be good enough for other people; I am on this trip for God and I am good enough for Him.

(Christian) I didn’t have a hard part on this mission trip, due to all of the experiences I have had on my previous Next Step mission trips. But if there was any challenging part, it would be getting enough sleep.

What have you enjoyed the most?

(Sam) I have enjoyed many things about this trip. The music, the people and the experience have all been good and very eye opening.

(Regina) I have enjoyed dancing to music in the car, eating, going to bed, showering, laughing with friends, making new friendships, and bonding with people. There is also this game called “9 square in the air” that I really enjoy.

(Brianna) I enjoyed spending my time with my amazing leaders, especially EMILY!

(Christian) I have enjoyed making new friends, and hanging out with them the most. We have been able to play soccer, 9 square, and Mafia; and I only have God to thank for the chance to do so.

What is God teaching you?

(Sam) God has taught me patience and humility throughout this trip. Leading has really tested me in both departments and I feel that since the beginning I have constantly been growing as a leader and a Christian.

(Brianna) As I stated before, God is teaching me that I don’t have to be good enough for anyone because I am good enough for Him and He chose me when Jesus died.

(Regina) I think God is teaching me to try new things and be more open to friendships. I have done a lot of work and made a lot of great friends during this week.

(Christian) I have been taught that I need to start accepting help for my struggles in life, and that I have got to give love as Christ Jess has done, and is doing, for me. I also realized that I do not deserve what Christ has done for me, but it doesn’t matter because He loves me, as I should love others.

Each night of the mission trip, Emily is going to ask a few other people from the mission trip team to share some reflections. Stop back to hear how God is continuing to teach us and shape us this week. Also, you can check out the Church’s facebook page for pictures and other updates. You can also leave your questions and comments for the mission trip team here.

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