(2022) Revive: Essential Practices of Household Wells

Overview: In order to identify as a household well, we will need to have a shared understanding of what a household well is. In order to act out our calling  as a household well, we need to see how a household well behaves. In order to gain the competence to live those behaviors out, we must ask God for revival. For we cannot be a household well unless He grants us His favor. Throughout the Scriptures we have evidence of God’s revival breaking through for His people. One story at a time we will see His love, mercy, restoration, and revival as the Living God interacts with His servants. Through real people and through parables, we will uncover the essential practices of household wells and experience the revival of our compassion, witness, disciple-making, commitment, listening, awareness, praying, rest, work, stewardship, relationships, and responsiveness.