Wanted: Board Members for the Church

By design, every year we need to replace board members for our Church’s Leadership Board. We have seven board members who serve 3-year terms. Only two consecutive terms are permitted, thus a member may serve for a maximum total of six years. Rich Frohmader has served his first 3-year term and is seeking reelection for another 3-year term. Dannie Jaeger’s term is up at the end of this calendar year and needs to be replaced.

Given that background one can see that we need one new board member starting Jan 1, 2021. The existing Board has formed a Nominating Committee and is looking for qualified candidates to volunteer for this position. If you are interested in nominating yourself, or just want to know more about the Board, please contact any of the names below.

Our bylaws require that qualified candidates be communicant members of our church for at least 2 full years and cannot be ministry staff members or paid employees of the Church. They must practice personal spiritual disciplines for the development of their own faith life and endeavor to lead exemplary spiritual lives. Our Policy Manual also specifies that we seek those who are visionary and are good communicators. Board members need to be willing and able to represent the Owners of the Congregation and understand and support our vision.

Our bylaws require us to hold an annual congregational meeting in the 4th quarter of each year to elect board members, among other matters. This year’s congregational meeting is scheduled for Dec 13, 2020, so we are giving you plenty of advanced notice.

So what is the Nominating Committee’s role? We are in process of putting together a list of candidates, both self-nominated members and names selected by the Leadership Board. We will then review qualifications. After seeking God’s will, we start making phone calls soliciting new board members. Once we find a candidate who is qualified and willing to serve, that candidate will be on the ballot for the voter’s meeting on Dec. 13. We are required to nominate just one name per each open position. This is designed to avoid campaigning for the position and the bad feelings that can come from such a process, as well as the bad feelings that come with a defeat. We will present our ballot to the congregation by Nov. 22, 2020.

Connecting People to Life in Jesus,

Nominating Committee: Rich Frohmader, Laura Potter, Steve Racchini