Wednesday Reflections – Milwaukee Mission Trip 2019

Hi Church! This is Quinn (Freshman), Adelyne (Senior) and Colin (adult leader) here. We’re here to tell you about our day today – Wednesday, July 24th.

This year we are spending the week serving in Milwaukee. Next Step Ministries organizes the mission trip (, setting up our work projects, housing, food, and worship experiences.

What surprised you?

(Quinn) Probably what surprised me was how occasional the work is – for example we have some times when everyone is working while sometimes two people are and the rest are just talking and hanging out.

(Adelyne) I think it’s the way this group has gotten to grow and get along so well in only three days.  I was a little curious about this group because we aren’t all old friends but we’ve all bonded and broken down walls which is really, really cool to see.

(Colin) I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Milwaukee in my life, but both times I’ve come on mission, there has been a noticeable connection I’ve felt to people and places here.  Personally, I’ve always been much more of a country person, but after visiting again, I would not be surprised if God calls me to live in Milwaukee at some point down the road.

What did you enjoy?

(Quinn) Well, I got to pet a dog today – it was a pit-bull.  Petting a corgi is better than petting a pit-bull, but it’s still a dog.

(Adelyne) Overall I’ve been really enjoying this trip.  The group, the leaders, the Next Step staff, the work…  So much!  God’s been showing up a ton in the people and my own attitude; it’s been an absolutely amazing trip.

(Colin) I have really been brought a lot of joy by hanging out with my small group and getting to know the Next Step crew member leading our site.  Going into the trip, I had never met two of the students in my group, and only knew the other two on a surface level.  But I’ve formed several strong connections over the past few days that feel like they’ve been around much longer.  This is also the first NextStep trip I’ve been on where I was able to really connect with our site leader and form a friendship.

Where did you see God?

(Quinn) Yesterday, me and the boys were talking about our favorite words and my first word was “corridor” but then I remembered the coveted word “aperture”, which is my favorite of all time.  So I said aperture is my favorite word.  Then, the next day at the worksite, I got to make an aperture as part of the deck building project, and I was like “Yay, God.”

(Adelyne) I see and saw God in worship.  This worship team is SPECIAL, they are talented and enthusiastic and anointed.  The energy they bring and the praise they bring is truly an experience only God could ordain.  I’ve been on a few Next Step trips with awesome worship teams but THIS one is truly beautiful and that’s where I’ve seen God.

(Colin) I have been blessed to see God continue to guide me as get ready to start college this fall.  Between several conversations and experiences I’ve had so far, I’ve felt His reassurance that my next step (no pun intended) is exactly where He wants me to be, and that He truly does works all things together for His glory.


Each night of the mission trip, Emily is going to ask a few other people from the mission trip team to share some reflections. Stop back to hear how God is continuing to teach us and shape us this week. Also, you can check out the Church’s facebook page for pictures and other updates. You can also leave your questions and comments for the mission trip team here.


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