What is Penzu?

In this new year, 2021, you will hear the term HOUSEHOLD WELL a lot. We want to equip, empower, and support every Jesus-following household to be a WELL!  Why a WELL? Because we live in a world where there are a lot of thirsty people.  They are thirsting for hope, for peace, to belong and be loved. They are thirsting for purpose, for identity, and for a solution to their problems. And as a Jesus-following household, you have the LIVING WATER to offer them.

Each week in January we will be looking at one of the letters in the word WELL to be reminded about how we can live out our calling as a household WELL.

WELL=  Welcomes In Jesus

                        Engages With Neighbors

              Listens For Insight

     Loves To Try

As a way to encourage us to put our insights into action and be united on this journey we will be using a website called Penzu (or the app on your phone)  to share stories of our Household WELL’s. Penzu is an online journal where you can add written stories as well as photos to keep a record of what God is teaching you and how he is working.  We will have one account for the church, where all of our journals will be kept.  How exciting it will be to look back over those journals and be reminded of God’s faithfulness and the importance of our mission to connect people to life in Jesus – get the living water to those who are thirsty!

You can write as many journal entries as you would like to. We will be sending out prompts to remind you, but you do not need to wait for the prompt. Be as creative as you want!  Let’s enjoy this journey. What a privilege it is to have the living water and share it with others! Adding these journals will surely inspire each one of us to join in the fun.

If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask: Amy @ [email protected].

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