Write to Remember

“Write it down so you don’t forget.”   Have you ever heard those words or said them yourself?  The meaning can range from writing down an appointment so you remember to show up, or a list of items that you need to pick up at the grocery store or writing down your thoughts and feelings about an event that you have experienced.  No matter the context one thing is for sure, when we write it down it helps us remember.  In the writing, we slow down to process and get it out of our head and onto paper, and then we can go back and read it again and again.

In 2021 we have set a goal to have 40 household wells keep a journal.  We want our households to see themselves as a well where the living water of Jesus flows freely to others.  Where they Welcome in Jesus, Engage with neighbors, Listen to others and God, and Love to try.  The journal is a place to keep a record of what the household is learning, discovering, doing, trying, how they have seen God’s faithfulness, and what they are struggling with during the year.   Why write it down?  So we can REMEMBER and give thanks to God and encourage one another that we are not alone on this journey, and inspire one another to share the water with those who are thirsty.

How are we doing so far?  We have 22 Households participating. (Yay!)  There is also a journal for the church staff for the Leadership Board and for prompts.

We would love to have some more journals started AND the journals that we do have, to add more entries.  It is easy to forget to add an entry and we know most households have so much going on it can be seen as “one more thing – and I don’t have space for one more thing”.  Our encouragement to you, is give it a try!  Perhaps on Sunday evenings you could take a few minutes and reflect on your week as a family and consider what could be added to the journal.  (it doesn’t have to take a long time)

Check out the prompts.  One of the journals is called “Journal Prompts” and you will find several prompts for each month.  You don’t have to answer each one, pick out the ones that resonate with you.  Interview your kids and add what they say.  If you make it part of your rhythm it will be easier to do.  Maybe find someone to help hold you accountable.  Send each other a text reminder.   If you have a journal, who could you encourage to start one and join you in the fun of reflecting on what God is up to and recording it?

You may be thinking, “I’m not a good writer.”  You do not have to be a good writer. No one is going to give you a grade on this or check your spelling.  It is simply a place to capture the amazing things that God is doing in our midst.  And we really can’t remember as well if we don’t write it down.  And, it does not have to be perfect! You can just add bullet points, and thoughts that are not complete sentences.  Try just adding pictures with a short caption.

If you are unsure how to set up the journal, you can email ameyer@livelifetogether and I would be happy to walk you through the simple steps.  It is not too late to start!!


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