Faith journeys begin at birth and last a lifetime! We love helping kids and teens discover who they are in Christ and God’s purpose for their lives. We welcome ALL families: You do not have to be a member of the Church at Christ Memorial to participate in any of our youth programs. Please join us!


We offer morning programs for kids age 2 ½ through 4K, for families seeking Christ-centered early education for their little ones.

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KIDS CONNECTION - 3 years through 4th grade

Our Sunday-morning program for preschoolers and elementary-age kids packs music, Bible lessons, snacks and games into a fun and boisterous hour. 

LIFE IN THE WORD - 5th & 6th grade

Specifically for fifth- and sixth-graders, this youth program dives deep into Christian beliefs, focusing on each of the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer petitions. Local service projects, too!

This is transition time for kids, when they move from being “little kids” and head toward teenagerhood. So we also encourage kids of this age to participate in Kids Connection as “junior assistants”, serving as role models and friends to the younger kids.

HIGHER GROUND - 7th through 12th grade

In this youth group, we guide seventh- through 12th-graders as they take ownership of their own faith journey. We discuss Scripture and learn to apply God’s work to our lives, and to build relationships with peers and adults. This is also a safe place to ask questions as they learn about their identity in Christ, their unique purpose and how to live in a Biblical community.

Local service projects are a regular part of our Higher Ground community, as well as retreats twice a year and mission trips each summer.