Resources That Inspire Us

Discipleship is a two-part endeavor — Deepening our own relationship with Jesus and then sharing that relationship as we live life together with others. The more connected we are to life in Jesus, the more able we are to connect others with Him.

Here are some tools and resources to guide and support your personal faith journey, as well as options and opportunities for you to put discipleship into practice.

Personal Growth

Volunteer Opportunities at the Church and in Communities

God intentionally placed you where you are to be His servant. These are some … certainly not all … options for using your gifts.


At the Church we live life together in lifeGroup, small groups that meet regularly to form deep connections, read and apply God’s WORD, and challenge and support each other as we grow.

New members are always welcome!

1:1 Discipleship

In a 1:1 discipleship relationship, two Jesus followers meet together on a regular basis to support one another in their walk with Jesus. Are you interested in building a 1:1 discipleship with another Christian?