Preschool at Play

Hello from Preschool! We are having a great school year. Our students have grown and learned so much since we started back in September. We are seeing so many friendships being made between the kids and our parents too!

We are so happy to be able to share more community events this year. We had our annual Parent Thanksgiving Visit. We had a fun trip to the Pumpkin Patch. We held our first Spaghetti Dinner and in December a Christmas Family Fun Night where we made crafts and decorated cookies. We also held a food drive for the students and families at Leopold school. The staff and students really enjoyed counting the donations as they

came in and we were able to donate about 600 items!

We have also had some special days at  preschool. The kiddos got to trunk or treat in October. We also started Fun Snack Friday and have had lots of good treats! If you would like to see more photos and videos you can follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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