Encouragement for Parents

How are you moms and dads? If you were to use one word to describe how you have been the past couple of weeks what would it be? Here are the words I have been hearing lately: busy, stressed, tired, frantic, frustrated, irritated. Do you ever feel like that? In the middle of the parenting race do you ever feel alone or like you are pulled in every direction with no end in sight? Spring seems to do that to us. School is busy, sports are starting up, winter is winding down and our kids’ are wound up from being inside for so many months. I just want to take a minute and share three little bits of encouragement with all of the tired and worn out moms and dads or caregivers out there.

1. Jesus wants to give you rest. Are you weary? Let Him carry your burdens today. Let Him lighten your load. How do you rest in Jesus? Is it in His Word? Take time to read a Psalm. Is it in prayer? Spend a few minutes on your knees today. Invite your kids to worship with you as you dance to some praise music. Take 10 minutes to reflect on God’s goodness as you scroll through pictures on your phone. Take a walk and let God’s creation nourish you today. Whatever it is that lets you rest in Jesus – make that a number 1 priority so that the King of Kings can sustain you today.

2. Enjoy your child today! Do you ever feel the burden of what you “should” be doing as a parent? Or expectations of who your child “Should” be? Is your calendar dictating how you show up as a parent today? When we know God’s grace and understand the freedom that comes with His love, we are released to do that with others – especially our children. Can I give you permission today to release yourself and your children from those “shoulds” for a period of time so you can just enjoy each other? Your child is God’s handcrafted masterpiece – knit together and given to you as a gift. God wants you to enjoy that gift! What amazes you about your child(ren)? What causes you to delight in them? Make a list – and then share that list with them today. Then, kneel down (or look up if you have a teen!), look them in the eye, and say “I really like you.”

3. Finally – just know that you are doing great, mom and dad! God gave you your child because he trusts you. He wants you to be the unique parent you are to the unique child he created and entrusted you with. Together with God, you’ve got this parenting thing. You are doing just fine, and you, too, are immensely loved by God.

Do you have encouragement you want to share with other parents or caregivers? Send that to me at [email protected].

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