Small Shift, Big Blessing

Let me share a story with you and a lesson I recently learned. I was looking on Facebook and noticing all sorts of pictures of beautiful sunsets that people were capturing from one particular evening. I had noticed the pretty sky that evening as well, but from my living room window my view only has a small slice of the western sky. I found myself being a little envious of those people who have a wide open view of the sun setting each night from their home. Instead of complaining, or coming up with excuses the next evening I checked what time the sun was going to set and I intentionally got myself to a place for a perfect view of God’s amazing artwork. I was not disappointed as I sat on the grass at the top of a hill and watched the sun set.

It didn’t take much for me to move from my living room to a place where I could see the sun set better. It was a small shift in location, and I was intentional about following through on my idea.

Is there a shift that you need to make to take part in the blessing of living life together with others in lifeGroup?

Perhaps there is a shift in your calendar of activities that needs to be made. Is there one night a week that you can set aside as a family to put lifeGroup as a priority? What do you need to be intentional about following through on? Has someone invited you to lifeGroup but you have come up with all sorts of reasons why you can’t go? Maybe you could be intentional about saying yes, or contacting them and asking if you could come check it out. If you are in a lifeGroup, who could you invite to join you?

I have been blessed over and over again by gathering weekly with other Jesus followers. There is encouragement and challenge and laughter and prayer support. There is depth of relationships that goes far beyond “Hi, how’s it going?” on a Sunday morning. They are people that I care about and they genuinely care about me. They remind me of God’s promises and his faithfulness. Living life together with others and connecting in lifeGroup is a gift. Being able to multiply those groups so more and more people can take part in them is a privilege and a joy.

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