The Listening Life

The missional life is a listening life.If we don’t listen, we won’t develop relationships. Without relationships, we can’t make disciples. If we don’t make disciples, we are not embracing our Kingdom role of joining God in his mission to redeem and restore this world he loves sacrificially.

So let’s open our hearts to love, beginning by opening our ears to people. Let’s be interested, engaged, and overwhelmed by all our neighbors are, what they think, their felt needs and dreams, and what they have to contribute to their own well-being and the well-being of other people, their communities, and the Kingdom.

This has been my message as I have served this past year. As I prepare to honor God’s call in the next phase of my ministry, I trust God that this message has been transformational, moving some to live a listening life.

It has been a joy for Beth and me to worship with you, serve alongside you, laugh and cry with you, and grow deeper in faith. May God’s peace always be with you.

The missional life is a listening life. I pray this will be true for us all as we continue on and do well in Jesus’ name.

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