(2020) Clearly connecting

Book of Luke and Book of Acts

Sermon Series: Compassion, One Kingdom, Near, Now, Expanding, Conversion, Tested, Intentionally, Next, Good News (EACH TOPIC WILL LINK TO THE SERMON SERIES FOR THAT MONTH)

Pastor Jeff: “We want to be clear as God’s people about our identity. Be clear on our identity. Be clear on the Gospel, on the Good News about Jesus. We want to be clear about our motivation, in living life following Jesus and loving others. And we also want to connect — with Jesus, with our church, with our community.

I think it’s fair to say that many in America, and many of us, sit here today longing for things to be restored. There’s a strong sense of ‘Oh, let’s just go back. Let’s just go back to the way it was.’ And yet we can sharply disagree on how to get there, right?

The only real “going back” is in Jesus. The only real restoration is in Jesus. Jesus takes us back to that perfect Eden, takes us back to that place of restoration, by taking us forward, through the cross and the empty tomb, into the Kingdom of God, which is a forever kingdom.

We cooperate with God, surely. But He is the one who does the restoring. And his restoration isn’t about rehabbing a broken system, but it’s about making all things new, back to its original intent and design.”

Actions and Activities: The next step in our journey toward Household Wells was being able to clearly understand and communicate the Gospel.

  • Congregational goal of preparing 100 people to be able to clearly articulate the Gospel
  • Focused training on understanding the Gospel and how to share it with others
  • Transition to all-virtual services, resulting in an expanded reach to a global community
  • Racial justice discussions, support and encouragement
  • Online training to equip homes, including how to cope with grief and loss, mental health and parenting skills
  • Emphasis on fostering and maintaining relationships between children and youth during a pandemic