What Are You Beginning This Year?

As we are learning about the unexpected beginnings in God’s Word it makes me wonder what it is that you are beginning in this new year?

Perhaps you are beginning a new job or maybe being a parent for the first time.  Maybe you are beginning a remodeling project in your home or trying a new hobby. I have begun a reading plan that will take me through the Bible in a year. I read sections from two New Testament books and then from two Old Testament books. Beginning new things can be exciting as well as a little scary.  There are always a lot of unknowns as we begin new things.  And there are also a lot of exciting things that we discover along the way.

We are beginning something new this year at the Church that I hope you are willing to participate in.  The last Sunday of every month we will have WELL connected gatherings.  These will happen right after worship and ALL households are encouraged to attend. There will be a different topic each month and they are designed to have you connect with other households, be equipped to continue living out your faith in your neighborhood and have some fun!  January 29th is the first one – you will get a WELL connected passport and you can see how many stamps you can collect throughout the year.

You could consider beginning an extra intentional investment and focus on your marriage by attending the marriage conference, A Weekend to Remember put on by Family Life ministries. There are brochures in the welcome area and you can ask questions of Patrick and Michelle Tsai if you want more detailed information. ([email protected])  On February 4th there is a day long event for men called No Regrets, more information is on the table by the Weekend to Remember. (rsvp to Josh: 608.333.6080)

Could it be that you want to begin attending a lifeGroup in 2023?  Our lifeGroups meet on different nights of the week and are for all households. If a weeknight does not work for your family, what about trying a Saturday or Sunday during the day.  We strongly believe that authentic connections happen most effectively in smaller groups where there is opportunity for deeper conversations and close friendships. Reading God’s word together and praying for one another helps those connections happen.  Did you used to attend a group and now you have fallen out of the rhythm?  What might it look like to begin again?  Who could you invite?  (contact me, Amy,  if you want to get connected: [email protected])

Are you wanting to begin to use your gifts and serve at church or in the community?  Check out our serve page https://livelifetogether.com/lifeserve/ for lots of different ways to serve both in the community and at church.  If you are unsure of what it might look like to serve in a certain place or want to shadow someone before you give it a try just reach out to me.  If you have been volunteering somewhere out in the community and you think others may want to join you, please let me know.

Have you begun meeting in a 1:1 relationship yet?  You might be surprised at the difference it makes in your journey with Jesus to walk alongside another person (or in a group of 3).  You can read scripture together, hear what God is doing in their life, hold each other accountable to follow through on changes that you may be led to make and have a trusted person in your life, walking WITH you and praying for you.

What do you want to begin doing in your neighborhood?  Maybe you want to start by praying for your neighbors by name each day and asking God to give you opportunities to be used in their lives. Perhaps you know that someone in your neighborhood has a need that you could help meet. Maybe you want to reach out and connect over coffee or take a walk with them.  You could put a date on the calendar and invite some neighbors over and get to know them a little better and help them connect with other neighbors. Begin by saying yes to invitations that you receive.  God has placed you where you live on purpose and He is working, ask him to let you know where you can join in.  For some encouragement in neighboring and for inspiration from others who are on the same journey as you – check out www.neighboringlife.com.

Let’s continue to fully participate in all God has for us – remember, He does the unexpected!

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might as or think.”  Ephesians 3:20


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