Thank you! ~ And Welcome!

As we come to the end of another year, the Leadership Board is reflecting on those who have faithfully served on the board as well as those who are coming onto the board, either as a returning member or as a fresh face.

Serving as a member of leadership on a board of church or other nonprofit organization is no simple endeavor. I currently serve on two boards, both for the Church as the Vice-Chair and as the Treasurer for the Verona Area Performing Arts Series. Most leadership boards are unpaid, volunteer positions; those that join are donating their time and talents, and frequently, their treasure.

This is why the Leadership Board is thankful for the years of service from both Bill Strange and Sheila Anderson. Both Sheila and Bill are visible fixtures at the Church; Bill also serves the Church as an Elder in addition to his board role and Sheila frequently delivers readings of the Word during Worship. Both Sheila and Bill are great examples of what it means to be a leader at the Church: they serve several different ways but always do it with a prayerful heart. We will miss their input and ideas in our meetings, but we are comforted in the fact that our two incoming board members are going to be able to fill Bill’s and Sheila’s roles in their own unique ways.

The Vice-Chair of the Leadership Board is charged with chairing the Nominating Committee, which finds the next set of members of the board when vacancies occur. This year, the board refined what we look for in a new board member; we especially focused on spiritual gifts and the ongoing commitment of prospective members. When developing the shortlist of candidates, I had both of our new members in mind with our newly refined criteria.

Michelle Tsai may have one of the most servant hearts of anyone I’ve met; she and her husband Patrick gladly open their home to my family and others for our lifeGroup, which my family has been a member of for over ten years. Always kind and conscientious, Michelle is rejoining the board after service in prior years.

Courtney Shrader has been serving the youth alongside Emily, recently joining in on the Higher Ground mission trip earlier this year. I was excited when she talked to me about board service after one of my post-Worship appeals earlier this year; I didn’t even need to ask her to join! Courtney will be our rookie member in 2023, joining the Leadership Board for the first time.

In closing, the Leadership Board also thanks you, our members and visitors. The Church would not be what it is today without you. We wish you a blessed remainder of 2022 and a healthy and joyous 2023.

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