Where Have You Seen God Lately?

Over the years, it has become a part of Higher Ground’s culture to talk about where they are seeing God at work in their lives. It is a rhythm we try to incorporate in lifeGroups, retreats, mission trips, and service projects. We ask, “Where did you see God show up?” or “What is God teaching you?”. We also ask my favorite question, “How did God surprise you?”.

One thing that I am realizing is that the more we ask this question and make it a part of our rhythm, the more students are able to recognize God when He speaks to them and nudges them. They aren’t just noticing God at work, but also noticing when God is asking them to partner in His work. Over the years, the answer to the question “where have you seen God at work” has become more than just a list of good things students are experiencing. It has become a platform for students to identify and share ways they have responded to God’s nudging.

Sometimes, using the same question over and over can feel monotonous. Or, maybe you have already tried asking your family or loved ones this question and didn’t get a lot of response. Below are some different ways to ask others [and perhaps yourself] to reflect on how they have seen God working in their lives, without having to default to same one question all the time. I’d love to know which question you like the best, and what kind of response you received.

Where have you seen God working in your life recently?
How did you see God show up today?
What has God been teaching you?
How is God challenging/shaping you right now?
What are you praying for?
What do you want to celebrate?
Where did you experience joy/goodness/kindness/love/peace/gentleness/self-control/faithfulness today?
How have you seen grace lived out recently?

This new year, I would challenge you to make this question a part of your family’s everyday lives. Perhaps you ask it at dinner each night, or as you drive to and from school. Maybe it is a question you ask at bedtime and use the responses to frame your prayers. However you choose to weave this question into your family’s rhythm, I am certain that using it will help to strengthen your faith and trust in Jesus. Try it!

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