Household Well: ”L” – Listens for Insight

A Household WELL is what we want to be, to bring the living water to a thirsty world. Jesus is shared and experienced not only at church but in our neighborhoods.

Welcomes in Jesus

Engages with Neighbors

Listens for Insight

Loves to Try

I posted this video on my Facebook feed last week. It captures the essence of what we mean by the metaphor household WELL.

Imagine if every household connected to our ministry was actively drinking from the living water, Jesus, and sharing Him with the spiritually parched!

In order to provide that water for others, we must Welcome In Jesus, Engage With Neighbors, and we must Listen For Insight.

Insight–observation, understanding, wisdom, discernment

…an instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, a situation, a person.

…penetrating mental vision or discernment; faculty of seeing into inner character or underlying truth.

…an understanding of relationships that sheds light on or helps solve a problem.

…understanding of the motivational forces behind one’s actions, thoughts, behavior.


Why do you think insight is so important as we relate to our neighbors? And why do you think insight is critical as we consider our own part in the mission of distributing life-giving water to people who need it?  (As you consider these questions, I would love to read your thoughts. Comment below in the blog. Or, shoot me an email.)

Consider these two examples:

1) Without insight, we can offer people something they are not seeking. Think about the times you’ve been on the receiving end of a salesperson that was trying to sell you something you didn’t need. More concerned with the sale, than meeting your need, they carried on until you left without purchasing. And, you never return again!  On the other hand, think about the time when the salesperson really listened to you, really was interested in what you were saying, listened all the way through, and really understood what you needed. They listened way more than they talked. They were patient, and in the end, you walked out with a new relationship even as you walked away with the purchase. There will be future conversations! Listening for insight yields true discernment.

2) I was on a coaching call the other day with someone who needed to gain some insight into her situation. I found myself a couple of times in the conversation wanting to jump in and offer advice. At another point, I wanted to show some empathy. She was really hurting. I am thankful I didn’t. Advice and empathy would have derailed the progress we were making.  Through practice, I was able to listen carefully to my own need to fix or comfort. And, because of that awareness, I mindfully resisted indulging my inner cheerleader, comforter, and wise sage advisor. I put myself on lockdown for a moment. Listening for insight nurtures self-understanding.

So we listen to God and others, and in the process, we gain deeper understanding of others, of God, and of ourselves. And with this precious gift given, we can better serve and love ourselves and our neighbors.  Let me close with a couple of questions for you to ponder.

What are your biggest barriers to listening to God and others? Many will answer busyness. Others will say their own need to give advice.

What opportunities this week will God give you to listen? I would love to hear the insights you gain as you do.

Happy listening!


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