Pastor Jeff Meyer - October 12, 2014

1more LEADER, part 8: Catalytic

We underestimate the capacity to influence that God has given us in Jesus. Therefore, instead of focusing on one act of Jesus-centered love, we fixate on the expanse of the mission field in front of us. And it keeps us stuck; immobilized. WE can’t follow Jesus where He is moving if we don’t move. We can’t lead others to move where Jesus is moving if we don’t move. And, We won’t realize the catalytic movement Jesus empowers if we don’t move. What if you would learn to embrace the limitations and accept responsibility for your walkable community? Jesus humbled Himself, embracing the limitation of human flesh, and accepting responsibility for your sin--all in a well-defined place called Palestine in the first century. (John 1:14) This is how the Savior saves the world! Followers of Jesus have the distinct advantage of following a leader who is ALWAYS CATALYTIC! As we follow Him we learn what it means to be change-agents, impactful persons in our place, influencers, to the Glory of God.

From Series: " 1more LEADER "

This 9-week series will redefine leadership from something that is reserved for a select few who “qualify” to “everyone” who has been called by Jesus to follow Him.

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