Pastor Jeff Meyer - January 19, 2020

Compassion, part 3: Guilty

Have you ever really screwed up so bad that you thought you don’t deserve another chance? Unworthy to get another opportunity you think that your only plea is “Go away from me, Lord. I am a sinful person.” There is a gift waiting for you today. One that will transform your life. And, He calls you. From fruitlessness to accomplishment, and uselessness to being needed, He invites you.

From Series: "Compassion"

Series Overview: This TOTAL 5-week series is centered on clearly understanding our identity as followers of Jesus, the Gospel of Jesus, and the motivation of a Gospel-integrated life. It also explores the resulting connections we have with Jesus, the church, and our community. Clearly connecting is a great summary of the Chrisitan life. Working through the Gospel of Luke and the New Testament history book of The Acts of the Apostles we will be better prepared to live a Gospel-integrated life. How does the Gospel connect with real life and real people? How will we be prepared to give an account to others of the life we know and experience in Jesus?

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