Pastor Jeff Meyer - July 5, 2020

Expanding, part 4: Grace

his passage makes for an interesting contrast with 3:1–10, the text that began this Expanding series. In the earlier passage Peter and John have no conventional power and are open about the fact, but they do have power in the name of Jesus. In the story of Simon the magician in chapter 8, he had been known to have great power (it’s even called that!), and he couldn’t let go of his craving for more when a greater power comes along. We feel extreme discomfort when the power we have and take for granted is lost. What may be revealed in these moments is a bitterness inside us that needs to be cleansed by the Lord’s grace. God’s grace is a dangerous thing. It is highly disruptive. It won’t leave us alone. It will change and rearrange us all the way. But it’s the only way we can get the pain to stop. It’s the only way we can attain true power, not of ourselves but of him. It’s the only way we can be free.

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God’s intent was never for a few to know and be redeemed. His intent was for the world. For all people. For every person. Throughout this five week series we see the love and community of Jesus’ Kingdom EXPANDING. From Jerusalem to the world. The Kingdom of Jesus, rich in power, unity, mission, grace and clarity, makes its way.

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