Pastor Matt Wipperman - August 23, 2020

Tested, part 1: Violence

Eden was safe.The animals weren’t food, but they also weren’t dangerous; they were submissive. The first homo sapiens’ environment wasn’t cold, and there wasn’t hunger. They probably experienced a continual sense of security that is impossible for us to imagine. They may well not have known what fear was. We are a long way away from Eden. Today we live highly domesticated lives, but violence isn’t gone. Racial violence is very real and present. Domestic violence is very real. And even in the safest spaces, our imagination and just-below-the-surface fear of violence is very real even if violence itself is not. Fear of violence is not something that we just grow out of. It is a fear that our ancient ancestors learned and passed on to all of us.

From Series: "Tested"

This 6-week series shows us how the early church as it begins to move out, endures constant testing. How do these disciples respond? How will the Gospel prevail? And what can we learn and apply to our current climate? What will our response be to the testing we will endure?

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