Pastor Matt Wipperman - April 7, 2019

Who is God, part 1: Triune and Personal

God is the eternal three in one. He is without beginning or end, infinite, without limit. As finite creatures, we cannot possibly know Him. It’s only because He is personal, He is inherently relational, in perfect unity and love, that He has made Himself known to us. He reveals Himself in His works and His Word. So what stops us from believing what God says about Himself?

From Series: "Who is God? "

This 3-week series is centered on the doctrine of God. Healthy Homes Built on Grace and Truth desire to know God as He has revealed Himself. Because the world tries to supplant God by doubting the truth about God and His Word, and deciding to believe based on convenience. This series begins the week before Palm Sunday and runs from the first Sunday in April through the last Sunday in April. The paraments begin purple for Lent and finish White for the Easter season.

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