Pastor Jeff Meyer - September 27, 2015

Ephphatha, part 4: Foolish Pride

Walking with Jesus isn’t being part of an exclusive clique where we keep His things for ourselves. While we wouldn’t say that we exclude others, how often are we skeptical of or do we look down on others who call themselves Christians but aren’t part of our Lutheran heritage? Instead looking to defend our blessings from those outside, Jesus points us inward when looking for problems. Jesus, speak, “be opened” and free us from an us vs. them mindset and those attitudes and desires within us and in our own circles that cause us to sin.

From Series: " Ephphatha "

This 4-week series follows the Pentecost lectionary schedule, beginning with the fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost. “Ephphatha,” that is, “Be opened.” There are many things that get in our way, many things within us that clog up our seeing, hearing, understanding, and loving. Jesus, the Word, is the one who can speak open anything, and can renew all of the created pathways in His people. By His action we learn to trust in Him, and to take anything to Him that needs to be opened. During the Pentecost IV series, the Gospel is emphasized by the theme for the day.

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