Pastor Matt Wipperman - December 11, 2016

lifeServe,part 11: The Merciful Servant

Mercy is not only recognizing or even feeling the pain of others, it is acting (serving) to alleviate the pain and help the afflicted to gain a Godly perspective on their suffering. As seen in the example of Jesus, being merciful is constantly being alert to the suffering of others and having the willingness to act in their interest. Being aware of another’s suffering presents us with two options: indifference, or drawing near for the purpose of helping. Jesus, the visible image of God, is our perfect model for mercy because everything in his life was a reflection of His Father. It was He who said, "Be merciful, just like your Father in heaven is merciful"

From Series: " Engaged: lifeServe "

This 13-week series is centered on the fourth of the four components of our strategy (lifeServe), which is to offer our talents, gifts, and abilities to serve God, His church, and our neighbors.

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