Pastor Jeff Meyer - February 8, 2015

More Than Just a Man, part 5: Re-Creating

Jesus came to preach the Good News, God come to man to restore the relationship established at creation. Jesus, true God, bears God’s almighty power, and that power continues to be demonstrated chiefly by His mercy and compassion. His preaching frees people from the shackles of the world, His death and resurrection frees us all from the shackles of sin, in His very life and by His command He made time to free people bound by sickness and possession. He makes things right, re-creating as He goes. We, as His hands and feet today, continue His re-creative work that will be made full and perfect when He returns.

From Series: " Epiphany: More Than Just a Man "

This 6-week series follows the Epiphany lectionary schedule. Epiphany is the season where we witness the revelation that Jesus is God. Epiphany refers to the moment some truth is realized. It’s not quite an “aha!” moment (as if one just solved a problem or discovered the answer), more of a, “w..o..w” exclamation (as one witnesses something that is more than they expected). He is, Emmanuel, God with us. What epiphanies are there for us today? What can wow us? This season begins by celebrating the baptism of Jesus, and finishes with the Transfiguration.

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