Pastor Jeff Meyer - December 1, 2013

Motivated, part 3: FRIENDSHIP+

Friendship+ because friendships infused with Jesus expand the reach of true community How do you actually do that today? If you had a day to spend with Jesus, how would spend it? What would you do? Friendship with Jesus changes every other friendship.

From Series: "Motivated"

As we enter this very busy holiday season, there are a thousand things clamoring for our attention, a multiplicity of motivations that move us. What we value will either direct us back toward center or divert us from what is truly worthwhile. The goal of this 5-week series is to not only introduce the Church’s restated Values as missional motives, but to help every follower of Jesus re-evaluate their own Values as they enter the season that perhaps challenges Kingdom Values more than any other season (Christmas). Advent is a season of preparation for us to welcome our King and Leader. We will prepare THIS season by making an honest appraisal of our motivation.

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