Pastor Matt Wipperman - May 17, 2020

Now, part 2: Taken Away

Imagine that a group of people believe themselves to have the job of spreading their ideology to every corner of the world, and in fact they’ve been doing so for 2,000 years. Their message is that a supreme ruler is going to return and set himself up as king and dominate the whole world. And this group of messengers who are loyal to this dictator believe themselves to have divine power. Sound threatening? It would to me! If it were to come true, I would lose everything I hold dear.

From Series: "Now"

The Gospel of Luke is Luke’s biography of the life of Jesus up to His ascension. This 5-week series kicks off the book of Acts, which is Luke’s recording of the Acts of the Apostles, beginning with Jesus’ marching orders for the disciples before He leaves. This series is centered on what has changed and the reality NOW that we see God’s plan for salvation accomplished in Jesus, and Now that Jesus is in Heaven and the Holy Spirit has been sent to power the continuing mission. Clearly connecting is a great summary of the Chrisitan life. How does the Gospel connect with real life and real people? How will we be prepared to give an account to others of the life we know and experience in Jesus? These 5 weeks begin during the season of Easter, includes Pentecost Sunday, and ends with Holy Trinity Sunday.

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