Pastor Matt Wipperman - September 13, 2020

Tested, part 4: Disrespect

So this is the test of faith, isn’t it? In Eden we lost the nonstop immediacy of hearing praise from God. And we’ve been desperately looking for approval from others ever since. We idolize people by desiring praise from them when only God’s will satisfy. Paul and Barnabas once again had to grapple with people saying false things about them that obstruct their message, just as they did in the previous two cities. But this time there’s a twist. In addition to defamation, which this time produces the most severe opposition yet (vv. 19–20), there is also false praise. The devil tries a new trick: when he sees he can’t get the apostles off their game by vicious shaming, he tries to divert them with lavish honor. Didn’t see that coming!

From Series: "Tested"

This 6-week series shows us how the early church as it begins to move out, endures constant testing. How do these disciples respond? How will the Gospel prevail? And what can we learn and apply to our current climate? What will our response be to the testing we will endure?

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