Eric Murrell - September 1, 2019

Why Work, part 1: Work To Create

Work. Labor. Perform. Practice. Do. God designed us to work. It was our sin that made it hard labor. (Compare Genesis 2:15 with Genesis 3:16-19). God’s design is that we are Co-workers...Co-Laborers...Co-Performers...Co-Practitioners...God worked and IS working. And, as He does He is creating and re-creating. Our sin has caused us to work against God and His creative work. Yet, in a bold, gracious move, He invites us to join Him still. What changes for us when we view our “work” as a labor of love? Do we gain a different perspective on work when we see His love lived out in our work? Creating and re-creating WITH the Lord of Life! What a gift.

From Series: "Why Work? "

This 5-week series, beginning on Labor Day Weekend, explores the question “Why Work?”

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